Materialize the spiritual. Spiritualize the material. – Lama Govinda

Psychosynthesis is a therapeutic model designed to include all aspects of the personality, combining psychological and spiritual concerns in a creative approach to personal growth.

Psychosynthesis counseling sessions provide support for deep and long lasting changes. My work is based in supportive and creative sessions which might use dialogue, guided imagery, meditation, goal setting, art and/or dream work. The techniques are co-created and determined by your needs, strengths, and interests. The sessions draw upon inner resources where you will safely discover your own truth.


I always leave Clare’s beautiful space knowing more about myself and with practical strategies for addressing the issue at hand. Clare is one of the most wise and loving women I know. She always builds and strengthens so that you soon come to realize your own foundation is firm. – E.H.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

“Guiding you to remember, experience and express who you already brilliantly are.”

In traditional psychotherapies, the wisdom of the physical body is often neglected and overlooked in favor of brain based thoughts and feelings.

EFT is based on the meridian system of Chinese medicine. According to this system, Chi, the energy of life, flows along certain pathways, or meridians, in our body. The premise of EFT is that the body holds emotional memories and patterns that block the flow of chi energy when they have not had the opportunity to be safely discharged or resolved.

Just as a master electrician knows how to find where crossed wires are shorting out the main circuit board in our homes, an energy psychologist can detect where our flow of energy has been short circuited by stress, shock or trauma. Using EFT, the therapist can help break up blockages and realign the flow of energy.

Energy psychology offers us the opportunity to tell our original story — including dreadful and ‘unspeakable’ things that we couldn’t previously articulate. As we do, we clear cellular memory, habits and patterns within our body. Once these patterns have been cleared, we have the opportunity to rewrite a different ending to our story, bringing greater wisdom and understanding of the situation. As we experience the new narrative viscerally, the healing begins.

I’ve gotten a real strength, a real trust, I’ve stopped torturing myself! This tapping is amazing! – G.V.