Thank you very much, Clare! There is a lot of very helpful information coming from your response to my three questions (e-mail) reading. – MAF, Therapist

I can’t thank you enough for setting me on the right path – NP, Engineer

I have started to focus on specific issues with a clarity that is only arrived at after years in traditional psychotherapy. After a half hour (of ZPoint clearings) I have felt refreshed with clarity or exhausted by understanding. Either way, it’s been a rewarding and extremely helpful and empathetic experience. – GB, Inventor

I am very grateful for you and your ability to listen – MJ, Minister

When I get my birthday reading, I know that I have a lesson plan for the whole year. I review it often because I always find deeper layers of truth and new insights surface. All I have to learn and apply for the year is right there for me to discover. – DTB

While talking to Clare during a phone session, the only difference (from not being in her physical presence) is that I cannot give her a great big hug! – BSJ, Art Therapist

I feel clearer about what purpose is for me and I know more about love. -TD, artist

As I think of the people I have met over the years on my journey, you are one who stands out as someone I have trusted and who helped me see possibilities and solutions through your readings and warm and joyful perspective. – CH, herbalist

Days full of spirit and laughter and focus and inspiration…thank you and thank you. My time with you was very thought provoking and you are so fun to talk to and kind. – MD, storyteller 

To say thank you seems so inadequate when I want you to know in your heart how deeply you touched my own. I send you kind and loving blessings and wishes for peace. Through your own blessings you have truly blessed me. – BR, artist

Thank you so much for all the work you do, and the support you give others. It is such a breath of fresh air, and SO MUCH appreciated. – HS, Life Coach

Clare’s intuitive Tarot reading helped me to clearly define my goals and gave me the confidence to take the next step at a time in my life when I was very much stuck at a major crossroads. Her insights were right on target and her advice, which I took, proved to be extremely beneficial. I very highly recommend a reading with Clare! – MA, publisher

Your readings bring so much clarity to my life and create positive change when I am not able to focus on the bigger picture. You opened a door I didn’t think of before. Now I feel expansion and growth can take place. – RW, teacher

You are truly an angel of light! You helped me with your very insightful reading. You really got right in and were able to do so much good! I am so grateful! – AW, business administrator

Clare not only provided insight into some of my current challenges and accomplishments but guided me on the best way of dealing with my situation. I have already received many benefits from her innate wisdom and psychic abilities! – SD, Medical Researcher

I‘m in awe of your gift at being able to tune in and shuffle the cards on my behalf. I think the connection was made beautifully. I’m deeply grateful. – JS, author

I feel very empowered and focused about my upcoming year. Thank you for being such a foundation in my life. – SN, entrepreneur

Thank you for such a wonderful & insightful reading…. Many blessings to you Clare. Thank you also for your understanding and patience. – LH, actress

Clare’s intuition and guidance keeps me on my true path to live authentically in all aspects of my life. – HA, creativity workshop leader

My work with Clare in therapy has been a truly healing experience. Using guided imagery, creative visualization, astrology, art therapy, and the tarot, Clare has helped me to clarify my thoughts and to purge some of my traumatic past. She is a wise woman–a healer who is filled with loving kindness, compassion, and knowledge. Her capacity to hold and nurture her clients abounds. Clare is a blessing to those she touches. She certainly is a blessing to me. – BSJ

I graduated from seeing Clare bi-weekly for counseling and now see her about 4 times a year for spiritual mentoring and practical advice. I am never disappointed, always leaving her beautiful space knowing more about myself and with practical strategies for addressing the issue at hand. Clare is one of the most wise and loving women I know. She always builds and strengthens so that you soon come to realize your own foundation is firm. – EH

Clare’s readings are a wonderful source of clear, insightful guidance. She channels wisdom and practical advise which can be listened to over and over again on tape. This makes applying the advise all the more enjoyable since new layers of meaning can surface over time. – VM, teacher