There has been plenty of breathing room since the inspiration for this deck opened my heart almost nine years ago. Now I find it necessary to 'keep breathing' while waiting for the finished product to show up at my door.  Apparently, these things take time!  


Creating mandalas for page-a-day calendars since 2005 has become a yearly tradition.  My Dad (Don Bailey) and I have taken on the project together since the French publishing company Editions365 began producing them in 2007.  There is a new mandala for every day of the week and a black & white line drawing for the weekends.  In addition, I come up with a positive inspirational phrase to accompany the images.  Such as:

which is then translated into French.  Order your directly from Editions365!  Merci boucoup!


motw-April 18 1998


Did you catch the date in the headline?  You read it right.  Curious, I went looking for our first published 'Mandala of the Week'. Because we weren't archiving as carefully back then this is as close as we can get. The image on the left was created with a very early edition of MandalaMaker in 1998. Compare it with the image on the right, created today with the latest version.

It makes me wonder what will MandalaMaker be able to create 15 years from now?  3D perhaps?

What were you up to 15 years ago?  How might it provide a foundation for where you are today?


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