• # of links: 13 Creating your own Mandalas

    Sites with instructions for creating mandalas in any media.

  • # of links: 81 Contemporary Mandala Artists

    Sites presenting mandala art created by modern day artists.

  • # of links: 41 Digital Mandala Artists

    Sites presenting mandala art created using digital tools.

  • # of links: 3 Animated Mandalas

    Sites presenting animated mandala art.

  • # of links: 19 Asian Mandalas

    Sites presenting traditional Asian mandala and thanka art.

  • # of links: 1 European Mandalas

    Sites presenting Western art of mandala-like form.

  • # of links: 4 Rose Windows

    Sites presenting images of stained glass rose windows, either traditional or contemporary.

  • # of links: 4 Mandalas in Education

    Sites presenting information on the use of mandalas in schools.

  • # of links: 1 Native American Mandalas

    Sites presenting Native American art with relationship to the mandala form such as sand paintings, medicine shields and dream catchers.

  • # of links: 7 Mandalas and Healing

    Sites presenting information on mandalas and mandala-like art for healing body, mind or spirit.

  • # of links: 9 Numerology & Sacred Geometry

    Sites presenting information on numerology and/or sacred geometry.

  • # of links: 3 Labyrinths

    Sites presenting information on the location, history or construction of labyrinths.

  • # of links: 4 Artistic Inspiration

    Sites presenting images or information which is inspirational for the creation of mandala art.

  • # of links: 11 Spiritual Inspiration

    Sites presenting spiritual inspiration for mandala creation.

  • # of links: 6 Related Topics

    Sites which do not directly deal with any of the other categories, but are still of more or less direct interest to mandala creators and appreciators.


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