Clare has been drawing and painting mandalas for over thirty years, but when we got our first computer, back in 1994, she had a hard time creating radially symmetrical designs using the software tools available.

Alan set out to create a tool that would assist her in expanding her art to the electronic medium. The result, MandalaMaker™1.0 was introduced in 2001.

Since then, thousands of people have learned to make beautiful mandalas with MandalaMaker™. They've let us know what they liked about the program and also where they felt it could use improvement.

MandalaMaker™ 2 incorporates lots user suggestions and a few of our own bright ideas, including editable layers, transparency, gradient fills and a large selection of shapes. The range of images and effects possible with the original program was extensive. MandalaMaker 2 opens up grand new vistas for exploration.

Whether you are interested in creating traditional Buddhist style mandalas or exploring more contemporary interpretations, you will love MandalaMaker™ 2. It is by far the easiest way to create precise, high quality digital mandalas.

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