MandalaMaker™ is a powerful yet easy to use application for drawing radially symmetrical designs, both traditional and contemporary.

The program is vector based, so objects maintain their identity and can be altered, moved or deleted at any time. MandalaMaker drawings are essentially resolution independent and can be resized on output to suit your needs.

Objects within a drawing can be manipulated using simple sliders and buttons, which provide accurate and predictable results. Shapes can also be edited with the mouse for more intuitive control.

In MandalaMaker, all drawing elements are created in reference to the center of the drawing, making it easy to create the radial symmetry required for mandalas.

Whether you are interested in creating traditional Buddhist style mandalas or exploring other interpretations, you will love MandalaMaker™ 2.

It is by far the easiest way to create precise, high quality digital mandalas.


  • Editable layers - you can reorder, revise, remove, or revamp any shape in your drawing
  • Color transparency - allows background shapes to show through foreground shapes, creating subtle, beautiful results
  • Gradient fills - shade colors together for dramatic, almost three-dimensional effects
  • Export - export custom-sized JPEG or PNG images at up to 600 dpi

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