MandalaMaker™ Resources

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Below is a selection of links from "The Center of the Circle" at The Goodwin's Mandala Page. These links will get you started exploring the world of mandalas.

Mandalas: Buddhist Tantric Diagrams A fascinating explanation of the construction of Tibetan Buddhist mandalas. Site created by Patrick A. George. Recommended

Hindi Yantras Yantra construction explained in detail by Patrick George.

The Rossi Collection A collection of early Tibetan Mandalas in JPEG format.

Sand Mandala Photo Gallery The Washington Post brings you this resource- Recently at the Sackler Gallery, a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks created a mandala. One of the monks, Tsering Wangchuk, explains the significance of various parts of the mandala and talks about its progress - his comments appear below the images and are also available as RealAudio files.

Chartres Rose Window Geometry by Michael S. Schneider, M.Ed. Mathematics describes how to "construct the universe" through the geometry of Rose Windows.

Mandalas and Knot Designs A mathematical look at mandalas from the Center for the Computation and Visualization of Geometric Structures, a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center at the University of Minnesota.