Paint Menu

Load Standard Set

Each color space has its own built-in set of Paint Palette colors and gradients which are automatically switched when you change color spaces.

Selecting the Load Standard Set command will immediately load the built-in paint set for the currently selected color space, replacing any custom set currently loaded in the Paint Palette.

Load Custom Set

The Load Custom Set command allows you to load custom Paint sets, created with the Palette Editor, into the Paint Palette. When you choose Load Custom Set, a standard Open file dialog will be displayed. Select the paint set you wish to open, and click the Open button.

If the color space of the custom set you are loading does not match the currently active mandala document's color space, you will see an alert to this effect and the set will not be loaded. If the color space is a match, MandalaMaker will load your custom paint set into the Paint Palette.

Open Palette Editor

The Open Palette Editor command opens the Palette Editor application which allows you to create custom color palettes for MandalaMaker.

See the Palette Editor section for instructions on using this application.