Preferences / Properties

Known as Preferences on Mac and as Properties on Windows, these are settings which can be customized to conform MandalaMaker to your working style and save you time.

On Mac, the Preferences can be opened by choosing Preferences… from the Application (MandalaMaker) Menu.

On Windows, Properties are opened by choosing Properties… from the Edit Menu.

To move between the various setting panes, click on the Tab named for that section.

To change a setting, simply enter the new values and click the Done Button

General Settings


Font Size

The Font Size setting controls the size of the text that appears in MandalaMaker's interface. Set to Normal, the font size will be the default size determined by the Java Runtime. The Small size is one point size smaller than Normal, Large is one point size larger, and Extra Large is two point sizes larger than Normal. Changing the font size may effect the layout of some components on some platforms.

Default Directories

The Default Directory Settings determine what directory (folder) is displayed in Open and Save Dialogs when they open. The application default location for all File Dialogs is the user's Documents folder. Customizing these settings can save you time when opening and saving your files. You can override these settings in the dialog when desired.

To set the default directories, you can enter a file path in the text boxes, but it will likely be easier to press the Browse Button and navigate to your preferred location.

MandalaMaker File Directory

This is the location that will come up when you choose Open… or Save from the File Menu. It is the location for your MandalaMaker (.mand) files.

Export File Directory

This is the location that comes up when you choose Export Image… from the File Menu. It is the location for your exported images.

Export Settings

Export Settings determine the file type, size and resolution of Exported Images. Export Settings must be set when exporting an image from MandalaMaker. They also need to be set before importing images in the Image Effect Palette. While you can choose new settings each time, having default values can save lots of clicks.

Default Settings

Here you can set your preferred export file type, size and resolution. These settings will be pre-set in the Export Settings Dialog when it opens. For more information on choosing Export Settings, see the Working with Images section.

Auto apply settings

By setting Auto apply you can avoid having to view and click through the Export Settings dialog. These are the three possible settings and their consequences:

Paint Settings

Default Color Space

MandalaMaker can create mandalas in three different Color Spaces. By default, when you create a new mandala, the program opens a dialog asking you to choose a Color Space. Selecting an option here will control the Color Space that is pre-selected in the dialog. Using RGB is recommended in most situations. For more information on Color Spaces see the Working with Paints section.

Auto apply [Color Space] to new documents

When this box is checked, MandalaMaker will automatically apply your default Color Space when new mandalas are created without displaying the dialog box.

If this option is set but you wish to override your default Color Space for a particular document, hold down the Alt/Option Key while choosing New from the File Menu or while clicking the "Create a new Mandala" button on the Startup Panel of the Easel. This will display the Color Space dialog and allow you to choose a different Color Space.

Paint Palettes

MandalaMaker comes with a built-in paint set for each Color Space. By default, these are loaded when new mandalas are created. If you would like to have the program load a custom paint set created in the Palette Editor instead of the built-in set for a Color Space, select the User Set option in the Paint Palette section for that Color Space. You can then use the Browse Button to locate your custom set.

Image Settings

Default Source Image Directory

When you import images into MandalaMaker, the Open Dialog will default to the directory (folder) set in this item. If you store your source images in a particular folder, you can use the Browse Button to locate that folder and set it as the default.

Save Original Images with File

When set to No, MandalaMaker saves the path information of imported images (i.e. - where they are located on your computer), but not the images themselves. This produces a small file size, but, if images are moved, you will be asked to locate them when opening the file. If the images are unavailable, the file can not be opened.

When set to Yes, MandalaMaker will store the original images within the MandalaMaker file. This creates a larger file, but the images will always be available.

Unless you need the portability of the larger files, we recommend creating a dedicated folder for your source images and using the No setting.

Text Settings

Default Font

The Default Font sets the typeface and font size in which new Text Layers will be created. Set to a favorite font to save time when adding text to your mandalas.

Default Signature

The default Signature settings here will be pre-selected in the Signature dialog box when it opens.


The font settings control the typeface and size of the Signature.


The Placement popup Menu sets the location of the Signature.

Signature Text

Enter the text you would like to have in the Signature.

Auto add Signature

When this box is checked, your Default signature is added to all new documents as they are created.