Color Pickers

The Color Pickers allow the creation of custom colors. A Picker is displayed whenever the New Color command is chosen from one of the Line & Fill Palette's swatch popup menus, or a color swatch in the Gradient Palette is clicked.

There are two distinct Pickers, an RGB Color Picker and a CMYK Color Picker. The Picker that is displayed depends on which color space is currently selected on the Colors Menu:

Color Sliders

Each Picker has a group of Color Sliders corresponding to the color components of the color space.

The RGB Picker has three Color Sliders (Red, Green, Blue) plus one for Transparency.

The CMYK Picker has four Color Sliders (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) plus one for Transparency.

For a discussion of how the color components in each color space combine to create a color, see Working with Paints.

Color Swatches

At the top of each Picker are two color swatches, the Starting Color and the New Color swatches. When the Palette opens, both swatches display the current color of the calling swatch. As the color is adjusted by moving the sliders, the New Color swatch changes to reflect the adjustments, while the Starting Color remains unchanged to allow a comparison of the old and new colors.

Cancel Button

Clicking the Cancel Button closes the Color Picker and reverts the paint of the calling swatch to its value before the palette was opened.

OK Button

Clicking the OK Button closes the Color Picker leaving the paint of the calling swatch set to its current value.