Line & Fill Palette

The Line & Fill Palette is the starting place for working with paints in MandalaMaker. It allows you to set the paints that MandalaMaker uses to draw shapes and text.

The palette has three panels that allow you to set their respective attributes:

The Line and Fill Panels are only active when there is a selected layer and will display the current paint settings of the selected shape or text.

The Back Panel is active whenever there is an open document and displays the current background paint.

Setting the Line Width

The Line Width Selector allows you to set the width of the Line drawn around your shapes or text. Click on the arrows to increase or decrease the Line Width. The value represents the thickness of the line in pixels. When you make a change in the Line Width Selector, it is reflected immediately in the selected element on the Canvas.

Setting the Paint

The Paint Swatches indicate the current Paint being used for each painted component. The Paint may be a solid color, with or without transparency, or a gradient (to learn more about Paints, see the section Working with Paints).

To change a current Paint, click on the Paint Swatch of the component you wish to change. This will open the Paint Palette to change or edit the current paint.