Text Palette

The Text Palette allows you to add new Text layers to your MandalaMaker drawing and modify the attributes of existing Text layers, including Signatures. For more information on text in MandalaMaker see Working with Text and the Text Menu section.

New Text Button

Clicking the New Text button creates a new Text layer with your default font and size settings. You can change your default settings in the Text Preferences/Properties panel.

New text layers are created with the text "text." This text is pre-selected, so once you press the button, you can immediately enter the text of your choice. Note that text elements are limited to a single line, but the length of that line is unlimited.

Font Settings

When a text element is selected, you can change its font attributes by adjusting the Font Family and Style pop-ups and the Size selector. See Working with Text for more information about font choices.

Text Rotation Box

This control allows you to rotate a selected text element through a full 360 degrees. The element rotates around the center of the text bounding box. For more information on adjusting rotation, see the Basic Controls section.